Dance Battles and Room Performances


Ever since I was young I have always loved to dance. I remember getting my first boombox and CD (MTV Jock Jams volume 3) and creating choreography for all of the songs on the album.

As my CD collection grew, so did my love for dance. I would spend hours creating choreography for my favorite songs and pretending I was dancing on a big stage.

I tried out for dance teams throughout high school and college but never made the cut. Discouraged, I still continued to dance in my room and perfect my technique so that one day I’d make it to the big stage.

My junior year of college, I pledged Omega Phi Beta Sorority Incorporated and had my big break. I started to stroll and got my opportunity to dance, choreograph and teach. After college, I joined my sorority’s national stroll and step team and started performing across the country.

If I wasn’t performing, you could find me dance battling at one of my favorite lounges.

It’s been several years since I last took the stage as a performer but after watching a Boss Chick dance workout class, I felt the urge to dance again.